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Kotov Lab:

Current studies are aimed at developing antibacterial biomimetic nanostructures as well as elucidation of signaling in bacterial biofilms.


​Left: SEM micrograph of Campylobacter jejuni coated with gold nanoparticles.

For further information, visit here.

Lahann Lab:

Antibacterial nanomaterials are developed from advanced polymers and studied within biofilm microenvironments.


Right: CLSM image of Bacillus subtilis exposed to copper-starch nanoparticles.  

For further information, visit here.

Solomon Lab:

The biomechanical properties of microbial biofilms are studied to better understand their structural characteristics and microenvironment including host interactions.

Left: CLSM image of Staphylococcus epidermidis movement in fibrin network. 

For further information, visit here.

Tuteja Lab:

Studies are focused on developing antibacterial & antiadhesive polymer surfaces to address microbial biofilm growth on medical & industrial materials.


Right: Coatings designed to prevent contamination of day to day surfaces against pathogenic bacteria and super-bugs

For further information, visit here.

tuteya lab_edited.jpg

Violi Lab:

Work here is focused on molecular level discovery of biofilm extracellular matrix (ECM) assembly phenomena as well as ECM interaction with novel anti-biofilm materials.

Left: Ribbon structure of staphylococcal phenol soluble modulin interacting with graphene quantum dot . 

For further information, visit here.

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