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  • Congratulations to Sumeyra from the Kotov lab, for her latest publication being featured in the university's news website! To see the article, click here! 




  • Once again, Dr. VanEpps is invited and interviewed; this time, by the folks at Stories of the NNI! To hear the interview, check it out here! 


  • For the 44th Macro Annual Symposium, Shamalee won first place on her poster presentation "Standardized Nano-Arrays To Study Bacteria-Surface Interactions". Great work, Shamalee!

  • Joanne Beckwith has obtained her PhD on Chemical Engineering!! With interest in engineering education, Joanne will be taking a new position as assistant teaching professor in Carnegie Mellon University, Chemical Engineering department. Wishing Joanne great success in the next chapter of her career!!



  • Abhishek, one of our great student collaborators, has obtained his PhD and will start a new position in DOW Well done, Abhishek!

  • Dr. VanEpps was interviewed by the team at NanoMatters podcast, were they explored the lab's research and it's importance in fighting infections. To listen to the podcast, click here!




  • Dr. VanEpps is interviewed as part of the Blue Sky initiative, regarding the fight against superbugs! To know more about the initiative and listen to the podcast, click here!


  • Shamalee was awarded PPG fellowship for the Fall 2020 term. Congrats!!




  • Our PhD graduate student Joanne, presented at the AIChE annual meeting.  Her talk, "Heat effects on viability, morphology, and dispersal of Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilms", won first place in the Topical Conference: Microbes at Biomedical Interfaces, Grad Student competition!! The authors were Joanne K. Beckwith, J. Scott VanEpps, and Michael J. Solomon. Congratulations everyone! Go Blue! Here's a photo of the proud winner (left): 













  • On October 23 and 24, the 43rd Annual Macro Symposium took place in the North Campus Research Center. With dozens of participants, representing different departments from the university as companies, one of the hosts for this year's symposium was our own Shamalee! Below, you can admire our hard working graduate student, along with Abhishek who also participated of this great event. Great job, you two!





  • The Biointerfaces Interlaboratory Committees (BIONIC), hosted the first 'Draw your research competition!'  By popular vote, our lab won third place! Below are the fantastic pictures representing their research from our lab mates, Shamalee and Shannon! Awesome job guys!!


"...The Taubman Emerging Scholars Program was established in 2011 to support early-career clinician-scientists on the University of Michigan Medical School faculty, as they establish their research programs and develop the credentials to qualify for traditional government and foundation grants..."


Way to go, and congratulations!!!  


  • Congratulations to Shamalee for being awarded a 3M Fellowship for this summer, through the Macromolecular Science & Engineering Program!! Whoo!!

  • Many scientific presentations happened this month!:

    • Joanne presented an oral presentation in the 93rd ACS Colloid & Surface Science Symposium at Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta! Her talk was titled "Viability, morphology, and dispersal of Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilms: soft matter analysis of heat effects". The authors were Joanne K. Beckwith, J. Scott VanEpps, and Michael J. Solomon

    • Shamalee presented a poster at the 5th Stevens Conference on Bacteria-Material interaction in New York! Her poster was titled "Standardized nano-topographical arrays to study bacterial adhesion". Authors were Shamalee Goonetilleke and Scott J. VanEpps

    • Shannon presented her poster at the ASM Microbe 2019 in San Francisco, California! Her poster was titled "Growth in 10% plasma differentiates pathogenic from commensal isolates of S. epidermidis". Authors were Shannon VanAken and Scott J. VanEpps

      Congratulations to everyone for being part of such great opportunities!! 



  • Dr. VanEpps paper published in Scientific Reports, Culture-free bacterial detection and identification from blood with rapid, phenotypic, antibiotic susceptibility testing, is one of the top 100 read microbiology papers for Scientific Reports in 2018! Congratulations to everyone who contributed to such an amazing article!

  • Dr. VanEpps gets featured in this month Global Health Updates: JI PARTNERS SEEK BETTER WAY TO QUICKLY DIAGNOSE CRITICAL SEPSIS, explaining what our lab is doing tackle the world-wide antimicrobial resistant problem. Cool!!

  • Our great undergrad, John Soukar, just graduated with a bachelor in Microbiology, and two minors (!!) in philosophy and astronomy. He will continue to work with us as a research technician: hooray! Congratulations Class of 2019!! Here's a pic of our recent grad :)









  • The Barsan Research Forum 2019 took place in North Campus Research Center on April 10, 2019. Dr. VanEpps presented part of our lab's research: “Translating Technologies to Combat Life-Threatening Infection”. One of our lab alumni, Usha Kadiyala, received a research achievement award for her high impact factor papers!! Congratulations Usha!!!


  • Whoa!! A press release was done on one of our collaborator's papers! Check this cool paper in our publications page or by clicking here!  Check out the press release!:

                   " Understanding White Blood Cells’ Defense Mechanisms Could Lead to Better Treatments:

                    A laboratory-created microscopic network of fibers helped researchers understand how white blood cells capture and even kill 

                    bacteria, offering insight into the effectiveness of antibiotics in the future"

joanne prize decemeber.jpeg
abhishek conf.jpg
draw research 2.jpg
shamalee conf.jpg
draw research 1.jpg
john grad.jpg



  • Congratulations to our dear Shamalee for receiving the Fall 2018 LNF Seed Funding Award on her project, Bactericidal nano-pillar arrays!!! Horray!!



  • Dr. VanEpps attends the International Course on Antibiotics and Resistance (ICARe) in Annecy, France sponsored by the the Institut Pasteur

  • Our dear Maria has just defended an earned her PhD in Chemical Engineering!! Next steps: moving to New York!! Congratulations and good luck, Maria!!!  

  • Yichun and Joanne present in the 8th American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Conference in Biofilms. Below are the titles to the posters presented:

     Yichun Wang, Changjiang Liu, Paolo Elvati, Nicholas A. Kotov, J. Scott VanEpps and Angela Violi. Self-Assembly of Bacterial Peptides in a Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm: a Molecular Dynamics Study. 8th AMERICAN ACADEMY OF MICROBIOLOGY Conference on Biofilms, 2018.

        Yichun Wang, Usha Kadiyala, Zhibei Qu, Paolo Elvati, Nicholas A. Kotov, Angela Violi and J. Scott VanEpps. Anti-biofilm Activity of  Graphene Quantum Dots via Inhibition of Amyloid Fibrillation. 8th AMERICAN ACADEMY OF MICROBIOLOGY Conference on Biofilms, 2018.

                     Joanne Beckwith, Shannon Van Aken, J. Scott Van Epps, Michael J. Solomon  Heat as a novel treatment of Staphylococcus                     epidermidis biofilms in an in vitro flow cell model. 8th AMERICAN ACADEMY OF MICROBIOLOGY Conference on Biofilms, 2018.


  • Congratulations to Dr. VanEpps, Dr. Violi, Dr. Kotov and the rest of the research team, in receiving the Blue Sky Initiative!! 


"Staying ahead of biothreats

Accelerating the response to biothreats: Machine learning as screening for antimicrobials

Using a neural network and machine learning, the research team will streamline the process of identifying promising nanoparticles to serve as the next generation of antimicrobials. The work could curb dangerous drug-resistant bacteria, lower drug R&D costs and shorten the time it takes to get new effective medications on the market...", to continue reading, click here.



  • The VanEpps lab welcomes our newest member, Christopher Altheim! Chris will be our next lab manager, coming with vast experience from Diane Fingar's lab. Welcome!!! 



  • Our Usha accepts her PhD offer...staying in UMICH!! She will become part of the Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS) class of 2018! Congratulations and best of luck in this new scientific journey!!!






  • Let's welcome our newest member: Shannon Brewer!! She will be our microbiologist/animal expert, helping with implementing animal models to our applicational research. Welcome!! 

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